Classes Offered

Classical Ballet

Ballet is the fundamental, technical form from which all other dance styles stem.


Prudence Schwarz Academy of Dance students study the ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE syllabus, the largest internationally recognised ballet syllabus. 


Ballet is  STRONGLY recommended to all students.


Modern and Lyrical are by far the most emotive forms of dance and are heavily influenced by classical ballet.


This style is heavily favored by students of all ages as the feel they are able to truly express themselves by connecting to movements to music they love.


Modern/Lyrical classes are offered to Junior, Intermediate, and Pre-Senior students.



Contemporary is another style heavily grounded by ballet and is one of our most popular classes!


Contemporary dance is innovative and explores the relationship between space, body, movement, and speed.


Dancers love experimenting and pushing the limits of their technique in contemporary classes. 




Jazz is one of the fastest moving style of dance and high energy levels are essential!


Jazz combines modern pop music and high impact movement for punchy performances - perfect for dancers who like a fast paced environment. 



Jazz is suitable for Primary - Senior students. 

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is all about the Broadway Favourites!


This class combines singing, dancing, and acting, the three main elements of performance. 


Musical Theatre is perfect for students who have an excess of creative flair or those looking for a confidence boost!

Stretch & Conditioning

Stretch and conditioning classes give students an invaluable opportunity to learn how to maintain and develop flexibility, core strength, and activate intrinsic muscle development. 


If you have a dancer who wishes to pursue a career in dance, these classes are essential!


Dance Theory & Anatomy

Dance Theory and Anatomy is a new addition to PSAD in 2017. 


This class will focus on the history, evolution, anatomical relevance, and technical detail that modern dancers are now required to apply. 


This class is targeted at dancers 7 years and over. 

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