Prudence’s Dance Experience            

Prudence Schwarz (BPsySc, R.A.D RTS) is a fully qualified and registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance. 

My earliest thoughts were that ballet studio were a place of magic. As I became older and dance became a greater influence in my life, I began to understand that when I was at dance, I was submerged in a world, where respect, discipline, artistry, precision, dedication, and passion, are treasured. It is this memory that summarises exactly why I decided to open the doors to Prudence Schwarz Academy of Dance. 


I have been dancing for the last 24 years, and throughout that time I have been exposed to precision training and wonderful memories. 


I have studied the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus completing all of my ballet exams with Distinction, while also equally completing my Checcetti examinations (the Russian Style) with distinction. I have further studied all styles of dance and have achieved many years experience within contemporary, modern, national character, jazz, hip-hop, and tap.  During this time I competed very successfully in countless eisteddfods, performances, scholarships, and bursaries.


In addition to competing locally, I have had the pleasure to perform with companies such as the Queensland Youth Ballet, and I was in the Australian Ballet Associate Program from the ages 8 through to 11. I have also won many scholarships to attend summer schools hosted by The Australian Ballet, North Shore Ballet Summer Intensive Program, and The Gold Coast Dance and Development Centre. 


When I was 13, I decided, with the support of my family to attend a full-time dance program with The Gold Coast Dance and Development Centre (GCDDC). Here I was taught by some great Australian performers and teachers such as Paul Boyd, Sonja MiddleBosch, and Prudence Bowen. During my time at GCDDC, I toured Europe and America furthering my dance education at Alvin Alley, Martha Graham Contemporary, Central Ballet School, Theatre De Basil, and The New Zealand Ballet.

Devastatingly, as I was to venture into full time dance, I succumb to an autoimmune condition.  

I started teaching dance casually whilst I was in recovery, and from their, the Prudence Schwarz Academy of Dance was born. 

I am too passionate, and too involved not to devote my life to the teachings of Dance.  I have experience in teaching ballet, jazz, contemporary, pointe, lyrical, technique, conditioning, and choreography.  Teaching is an avenue that I do, and will, cherish every moment.

What sets The Prudence Schwarz Academy of Dance apart from other schools. Our devotion, focus, discipline and education in correct teaching of dance.


 Warm Regards, 

        Prudence Schwarz (BPsySc, RAD, RTS)

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